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For more information contact John Cuspilich, CEO The Auditing Group and GMP Publications at
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  1. Access to over 30,000 direct Customers and Millions of users of our GMP Publications handbooks (www.gmppublications.com);
  2. Exposure to our GMP Boot Camp Training Customers (www.gmpbootcamps.com);
  3. Access to The Auditing Group and The Validation Group Customers (www.auditing.com);
  4. Over 3,000 - 5,000 leads every month with a full marketing campaign by GMP Publications - Long term exposure (see below 2003 picture);
  5. Over 1,000 - 3,000 leads every month through the GMP Boot Camp monthly Webinars and on-site Seminars;
  6. Free Booth and Access as a Media Supporter for Interphex and other trade shows;
  7. Full Color and Black/White Commercial Printing and Book Manufacturing Business;
  8. Access to all of the Websites Listed below;

We are seeking a partner or acquisition offer to include our services and capabilities as part of your business model. To find out more, contact me, John Cuspilich at 609-217-7031 or email me at jcuspilich@fda.com.

GMP Publications Group GXP Services Group
Complete Asset List

Hundreds of Audit Reports & Templates


GMP Publications, Inc. is a multimedia business to business firm catering to the regulated industry.

GMP Publications, Inc. is the parent umbrella company for our services groups which provide support, such as training, recruiting, publications, and auditing/validation services world-wide.

GMP Publications, Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of niche publications to the regulated industry, with millions of self-promoting publications circulating world-wide.   GMP Publications has been in business since 1998 and now enjoys the exclusivity of being the world’s leading distributor of regulated books, guidelines and publications.

With over 2 Million books world-wide, and tens of thousands of Customers, everyone knows and trusts GMP Publications.

Our mini-regulation handbooks are found in most of the Biopharmaceutical, Medical Device, and other regulated industries today. See www.vc-plans.com

Our handbooks are in the pockets of million of professionals today.

There are two (2) reasons Companies buy our handbooks, 1) Due-Diligence and 2) For-Cause. The GMP Family of businesses support companies which are gearing up for FDA Approvals or have been faced with FDA Violations.

Hello, my name is John Cuspilich, CEO of, GMP Publications, The Auditing Group, GMP Boot Camp and many other well know entities.
We are a small business, with a massive reach unlike any other company, don’t believe me?  Look around. You will see GMP Publications in every Regulated company in the industry.
Since 1999, GMP Publications has sold millions of our handbooks and our name and logos are found in most of the Bio-Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplements, and other regulated industries world-wide.

  • We sell over 1000 handbooks each week.
  • GMP Publications has thousands of Customers who purchase our handbooks with repeated orders;
  • Each handbook is a business card, which is carried and kept by every employee in the industry;
  • As of June 2021, each handbook owner now is offered FREE GMP / QMS Training to all person(s) who registers their name and email address;
  • Each handbook offers advertisement opportunities which have never been explored within our handbooks;
  • Each handbook profiles our websites www.FDA.com, www.GXPNews.com and any other site that you would like to include;

The Company also owns http://www.fda.com, which can be used as a Business-to-Business site supporting the Food and Drug industry world-wide.

Professionals keep these books, as handy reference materials, unlike trade magazines. This calling card is carried with them from Company to Company.

Each handbook sold is a future sale probability.


FDA.COM offers unlimited revenue possibilities based upon the project user requirements. The site has the capabilities to rival all other similar websites, with revenue potential possibilities.

The Food and Drug Assistance site is designed as a portal for Business and Consumers to find resources for all issues pertaining to the regulated industry under Title 21 FDA industries.

There are many ways, that the names can benefit you, either through:

  • FDA.COM - The Portal for the Food and Drug Association and Assistance Site for Consumers and Business;
  • YourFDA.COM - Designed to provide personal specific data, trial information and products for Consumers;
  • FDABL.COM - FDA Business and Law is dedicated to provide legal and business links;
  • FDAMD.COM - For credible information pertaining to specific condition states;

All working together to provide credible information for business and consumers world-wide.

The Auditing Group, Inc. (TAG) - Provides extensive Auditing, Training and Remediation services supporting FDA regulated industries working under the various standards (cGMP, cGCP, cGLP, Systems) with one goal, to provide reliable Auditing, Remediation, Validation, Consulting, Training, and Quality Assurance services that efficiently provide the assistance needed to help our clients succeed.

CAPA Managment - www.CAPAManager.com - Your turn-key CAPA program and management organization on-line, when you need us. Record, Track and ensure Remediation / Resolution Assistance to meet regulatory compliance. We are your CAPA Management Arm. Fully Gantt driven strict adhearance to time-lines and meetings ensures your CAPA Success.

GMP Help Desk - www.gmphelpdesk.com - full service on-line GMP / QMS Assistance hot-line.

Validations.com - Full service Validation development, and execution teams dedicated to the regulated industry.

  • Facility Validation and Qualifications
  • Process Validation
  • Equipment Validation
  • Systems and Software Validation
  • Analytical Method and Instrument Validation

GXP News for the Regulated Industry Whats new with the FDA GxP News is committed to ensuring quality materials by objective to research and provide only the best GXP Tips, Hyperlinks and Technical Bits to the industry, free of charge.  Developed and Reviewed by the GMP Publications Quality Team.

GMP Boot Camps for all your GXP Training needs

GMP Boot Camps provides on-site and off-site (Webinars), focused on the regulated industry.

GMP Training for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplements and all other regulated industries. Global training satisfying US FDA, EMA, WHO, NMPA and other Global regulatory requirements in support of your 'due-diligence' or 'For-Cause' requirements.

Now providing Free GMP Boot Camps to 1000's of monthly registered professionals.

CAPA Manager and CAPA Management Services

CAPA Managment - www.CAPAManager.com - Your turn-key CAPA program and management organization on-line, when you need us. Record, Track and ensure Remediation / Resolution Assistance to meet regulatory compliance. We are your CAPA Management Arm. Fully Gantt driven strict adhearance to time-lines and meetings ensures your CAPA Success.

Complete Asset List

You know GMP Publications, and our Handbooks, which are found in most of the regulated industries today, along with The Auditing Group and now GMP Boot Camps, but you may not know of our other assets:

  • The fact that The GMP Publications handbooks are carried by millions of professionals in the industry, and are in most regulated companies world-wide which provides us with instant credibility. We have a reach unlike no other. Our assets include;
    • Complete Customer List Database;
    • Quark/In-Design Files of over 300 single and combination handbooks, logbooks, and other printed materials;
    • On-demand printing software;
    • High capacity, high speed, professional commercial Digital Color Printer;
    • High capacity, high speed, professional commercial Digital B&W PrinterDigital B&W Printer;
    • Commercial Book Saddle Stitch Stapler Attachment for Digital Printer;
    • Commercial Programmable Paper (Book) Sheer Cutter and Trimmer;
    • Commercial Book Binder (Glue Binder);
    • Commercial Coil Binder;
    • Free Interphex Tradeshow Booth spaces (as long as free handbooks are provided (not guaranteed));
    • Banners and Booths for Tradeshow display
    • Including our Database of thousands of Customers world-wide who purchase our handbooks;
  • Our other assets such as:
  • FDA.COM, (http://www.fda.com), which also includes:          
    • www.YourFDA.com (Name and Websites) – specific news feeds and trial data for specific condition states affecting over 90% of the world’s population;
    • www.FDAMD.com (Name and Websites) – Credible validated data supporting condition states;
    • www.FDABL.com (Name and Websites) – Business and Law site dedicated to the regulated industry;

And more importantly, we have a large client list of customers who purchase handbooks and training from GMP Publications.

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