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Complete Asset List

Hundreds of Audit Reports & Templates

Complete Asset List

You know GMP Publications, and our Handbooks, which are found in most of the regulated industries today, along with The Auditing Group and now GMP Boot Camps, but you may not know of our other assets:

  • The fact that The GMP Publications handbooks are carried by millions of professionals in the industry, and are in most regulated companies world-wide which provides us with instant credibility. We have a reach unlike no other. Our assets include;
    • Complete Customer List Database;
    • Quark/In-Design Files of over 300 single and combination handbooks, logbooks, and other printed materials;
    • On-demand printing software;
    • High capacity, high speed, professional commercial Digital Color Printer;
    • High capacity, high speed, professional commercial Digital B&W PrinterDigital B&W Printer;
    • Commercial Book Saddle Stitch Stapler Attachment for Digital Printer;
    • Commercial Programmable Paper (Book) Sheer Cutter and Trimmer;
    • Commercial Book Binder (Glue Binder);
    • Commercial Coil Binder;
    • Free Interphex Tradeshow Booth spaces (as long as free handbooks are provided (not guaranteed));
    • Banners and Booths for Tradeshow display
    • Including our Database of thousands of Customers world-wide who purchase our handbooks;
  • Our other assets such as:
  • FDA.COM, (https://www.fda.com), which also includes:          
    • www.YourFDA.com (Name and Websites) – specific news feeds and trial data for specific condition states affecting over 90% of the world’s population;
    • www.FDAMD.com (Name and Websites) – Credible validated data supporting condition states;
    • www.FDABL.com (Name and Websites) – Business and Law site dedicated to the regulated industry;

And more importantly, we have a large client list of customers who purchase handbooks and training from GMP Publications.

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